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'When I first got a bracelet and earring set from Indu for confidence, I knew I needed more confidence but I didn't know how it was going to affect me. I started wearing them daily, and right away I began to get better responses to my efforts to market my business. What really surprised me was they stopped my panic attacks driving over the bay bridge! I had started having them again, but the first day I drove over that bridge wearing my set I was completely calm. And I did not even remember I was wearing the bracelet and earrings until I got across and realized I hadn't had even one minute of nerves! Thank you for these beautiful and powerful pieces. Also, I have had great results with the PMS bracelet too and plan to buy one for my girlfriend who needs it, like I did.' - Blair

'Love how they go with everything. The stones are very unique and they make great gifts. Also, they wear well...stay true to their colors and don't fade! Love them.' - Leah

'I LOVE the rose quartz bracelet Indu made for me. Rose quartz has a healing, loving energy and emanates with such radiant warmth. Every morning, I slip on my bracelet and it serves as a gentle reminder to be kind and loving to myself each day. The beads themselves are excellent quality, and the weight of the bracelet itself is light enough to be comfortable while heavy enough to be comforting. Indu has a gifted eye for creating pieces that are elegant, playful and meaningful all at once. I would highly recommend any of her unique designs to wear, not only as a beautiful addition to any outfit, but also as a reminder of your heart's desires and the crystal energy each piece provides to help you achieve them.' - Juliana

'Green Chakra Shop's jewelry is amazing! Indu is so knowledgeable regarding the healing properties of the stones and intuitive about what pieces will bring balance to her clients. Not only do all the pieces look great (be ready for compliments!), they also bring energetic healing. I love my pieces so much that I sleep in them.' - Kristin

'I just want to thank Indu for introducing me to the PMS bracelet. I have been having menstrual cramps for so many years. Since I started wearing the PMS bracelet my periods have been normal and most of the pain is gone! I highly recommended this bracelet to anyone who needs help with PMS, menstrual cramps or with regularity of their periods.' - Prisca

What a gorgeous piece! The stones and style are even more beautiful in person, with even richer depth and color. The stones are substantial and the necklace is so well made that it's clear this piece is going to last a long time. Good thing, too, because it's the type of necklace anyone would want to wear again and again!' - Monica

'Green Chakra Shop's jewelry is both beautiful and meaningful. I find the pieces helpful in grounding and focusing meditation, and reminding me of the wonderful qualities of the natural stones. My 3 year old also loves her bracelets, and their healing qualities comfort me as her mother. I love that she is wearing something good for her.' - Hannah
I have been buying healing jewelry made by Indu for years! The first piece she made for me is still one of my favorites. The intuition, guidance and creative talent she uses is evident in each and every piece. This past November I perused the Green Chakra Jewelry website for Christmas gifts, and found the perfect pieces for those I was shopping for. The healing qualities of each stone resonated perfectly with each recipient. I am always extremely satisfied with customer service and I receive so many wonderful compliments when I wear my jewelry. I can't wait for my next piece! - Julie


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