a stress-reducing, immune-boosting workshop for
mind and body

When we feel stressed, our bodies are designed for “fight or flight” releasing powerful chemicals to fuel our muscular and cardiovascular systems so that we can more easily battle or flee the situation causing us stress. This has served us well for thousands of years as we fought stressors like saber-toothed tigers. In today’s technological world, we spend much of our days in front of computer screens or on smartphones. Yet, we are no less stressed. When we choose to sit while our bodies undergo the fight or flight response, these stress chemicals don’t get used or flushed out. They are deposited into our fatty tissue, organs and arteries which can lead to diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer or diabetes. But if we choose to move, it is like an engine-flush to our
system – stress hormones are flushed out and feel-good, immune-boosting agents are generated. When we spend our days glued to our screens, our brains and bodies become addicted to technology. It becomes harder and harder to relax even when we want to. We can learn how to use our bodies as barometers, becoming aware of the stress we are holding, then practicing techniques to respond in healthier ways. Even if we are sitting at our desks, there are techniques and subtle stretches we can do to reduce our stress.
StressFIT provides an environment to practice cognitive reframing, stress-reducing movement, mindfulness, meditation and group collaboration offering more resilience to stress, higher states of well-being, increased problem-solving abilities, stronger immune systems and lower medical bills.

Did you know approximately

of doctor visits stem from the negative effects of stress? Everyone experiences stressors, but it is the way we habitually react to stressors that is the problem.

Did you know

of our behavior comes from our unconscious minds? Assisted by neuroplasticity, we can practice healthier ways of being that become our new default habits.

Did you know stress limits our peripheral vision?
We are designed to focus on the stressor when we perceive a threat to our well-being.
Our peripheral vision becomes limited. Our ability to think creatively and
generate options declines. Cognition and memory is negatively affected.
StressFIT offers tools to more effectively cope with stress.

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