a stress-reducing, immune-boosting workshop for
mind and body

StressFIT is a stress management movement program helping people to understand the effects of stress, build resiliency, learn coping and relaxation skills, and practice various types of fun movement which aids in flushing out stress hormones and body tension. It is designed in four one-hour workshops and can be held on consecutive weeks or in a half-day format. StressFIT can be taught directly to individuals or to administrative and HR staff to share with employees.

With advances in technology and increased demands and expectations upon us, stress is becoming a costly problem. Recent research has shown that publicly-traded companies having award-winning wellness programs out-perform the stock market by a huge margin. A new term in organizational development: “deliberately developmental organizations” (DODs), supports an interconnection between the success of an organization and the personal development of the employees. Yet, approximately seventy-five percent of healthcare dollars employers spend go towards “lifestyle diseases” that are preventable and only 5% of healthcare dollars are spent on prevention and wellness. Results from 56 studies showed about a 30% reduction in sick leave, health care costs and workers’ compensation when employers had wellness programs. Between 60-70% of employees screened have blood pressure higher than normal and a body mass index considered overweight or obese. About 13% screened are at risk for diabetes.
Stress Management movement classes teach people about the dangerous effects of stress, how to combat them, tools for reframing and calming the mind and also gets people up and moving to reduce
stress hormones and bring in immune-boosting chemicals.

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StressFIT is directed by Teri Harbour, college health and wellness adjunct faculty, MS Human Development/adult learning, BA Psychology, co-author of “Nuggets for Change.”
Please contact us at TeriHarbour@gmail.com or 240-449-4127 for more information.

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