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General Directions for Cleansing and Recharging the Stones:
Put in a glass bowl under running water. Room temperature is the best. For a deeper cleanse, use sage smoke.
For recharging the crystals, put under direct sunlight for 15-20 minutes. Keep in mind that some stones like Amethyst fade with sunlight, so keeping it for longer periods may result in some fading of color.

Please see the crystal properties listed below in the alphabetical order.

Amethyst is a stone of Divine guidance and aids in direct perception of the Divine. Amethyst clears your aura, improving your ability to perceive subtle realms. When used regularly in meditation, it keeps clearing the auric layers one by one, until one has reached a clear understanding of the nature of the cosmos. It aids it deep meditation, aligning us with our life path.
Amethyst is a really good crystal to have around other crystals as it keeps them recharged.
Amethyst has been traditionally used for sobriety. It helps dissuade the mind from addictive tendencies.

Angelite is a stone of Divine communication. A great stone for the light worker soul that wishes to communicate with the higher realms. Angelite brings helps us see ourselves through the eyes of non-judgment and everlasting love.
Angelite helps promote connection to the Angelic realm at all levels, the sub-conscious, conscious and super conscious. When working with intention, sleeping with the stone can help one stay clear of nightmares and connect to Divine guidance in the dream state.
No matter where we are in life, wearing Angelite can only bring goodness, joy and abundant energy in our lives.
Angelite clears our aura of negative energies and brings the Higher beings vibration closer to us. Wearing it in times of extreme stress and transition can be a blessing it can help rid of panic attacks and can help one from sinking into depression.
When worn over a long period of time, Angelite will guide you to make life enhancing changes and can only take your life to a higher place.

Aquamarine brings transparency to our spiritual vision. It helps us see the causes of our blockages when we are ready to release them. It brings courage into your heart to ask for help and expect it to come. Aquamarine is a stone of Divine protection and guidance. It brings clarity to the mind, gives encouragement to cleanse the body, which in turns cleanses the auric field.
It brings transparency in relationships, helping you to take an account of what is working and what is not. It brings clear insight into your own behaviors, your circumstances and gives you the courage to detach from what creates blockages in your life.
In short, this stone brings your clarity and the courage to walk forth with the insights.

Aragonite is a stone that is close to the healing vibrations of the earth. It grounds, connecting us to the earth and yet still helping us stay completely in the body, in our own power. It clears the perception of our personal power center, the Solar Plexus chakra. Aragonite helps clear us from old emotional, heavy burdensome energy and helps us with all others, one with the earth.
Aragonite makes us available to others in a very real, deep way, while helping us staying positive and light hearted. It a stone of deep spiritual self-perception, helping us see the truth and let go of the heavy, dark, old emotions buried in our stomach area. It clears the path to intuition while clearing the energy from the area.
In short, Aragonite is a stone of clear perception of truth about ourselves. It helps forgive others and brings about a lightness in personal relationships.

Azurite can be named the stone of 'clear intuitive perception'. When working with the Angelic realm or connecting with the Ascended Masters and Saints, this angelic stone can prove to be a great ally. It opens the Divine eye, also known as Third eye, and aids in receiving clear messages from the Higher realms. It clears bondage to one's karma and highly aids in karmic evolution by helping one break free of the attachments to the gross material realm.
Azurite can be used for making crystal water for spraying or rubbing on the Third eye before meditation. When struggling with the material aspects of life or being too engrossed in them while desiring a deeper spiritual life, Azurite can prove to be a powerful supporter in fulfilling your hearts desire.
In short, Azurite connects to the Higher realms and highly enhances intuition and connection with the Angelic realms.

Blue Lace Agate brings communication gaps to the forefront and helps one get in touch with the authentic self. Further more, it helps open up channels of communication with the self and others.
Blue Lace Agate helps the energy of communication flow easily from the hands out into the world. It is a stone that helps us feel and know how and what to express out into the world. It brings a feeling of safety while expressing our authentic self.
Blue Lace Agate is a good stone to wear for public speaking, any writing projects or creative activities. It brings confidence in one's own creative abilities and helps give it an outward expression. A stone of creative perception and of creative abundance, it can be called a stone of Divine communication as it helps our Higher self express itself freely.
Wear on wrists (preferably both) for help with stiffness in hands, finger joints and if you suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome.
Blue Lace Agate is a good stone for creative artists, craftsmen, writers and public speakers.

Calcite is a stone of continued effort towards the manifestation of your dreams. It helps bond the material with the spiritual world and helps clear our path towards inner and outer success. If worn with Amethyst, it also helps connect our inner power to the Divine power and our inner will to Divine will. It clears all obstacles from the path of self-growth, regardless of what path you have traveled so far. Calcite is a stone of inner success.
Calcite also emphasizes on the need for accepting your inner capabilities and embracing your personal power. It helps detox the body of toxic metals in a very subtle way. To be worn continuously for a few weeks at a time, mostly at the wrist, as a reminder to continue what you have started. A very helpful stone for those on the path of renunciation of material ideas of success and are looking to move towards purity. It helps cleanse your physical body, calms your mental body and opens up pathways to the spiritual self.
Calcite is clear in guidance and its energy can be perceived at a subtle level through the eye of intuition. It helps clear your auric field of accumulated debris over the past. To be worn in combination with green, blue or purple can bring a high level of clarity to one's perception.
It prevents bone loss and helps in the absorption of calcium and prevents toxic metal absorption in the body.
In short, wear calcite when you are consciously working on letting go of the past, bringing on personal change and need help with clear intuition.

Carnelian brings out the best aspects of ourselves for us to see, acknowledge and operate from. It is a stone of creative guidance and of creative abundance. Carnelian brings forth a very direct energy from the universe and connects it to our sacral(creative center) and solar plexus (personal power) chakras.
It cleanses the physical body, relieving pain and physical suffering, especially related to feminine issues. An excellent stone for keeping the ovaries active and in good health. It regulates the female hormonal balance, keeping it clear of confusing and conflicting energy. It also helps stimulate the happy hormonal cocktail in women, especially during pregnancy and child birth. A great stone to have around or wear when pregnant or birthing.
A special note about Carnelian: Carnelian's influence is hard to miss. Once you wear it with trust and put forth your intention of working with the stone to bring about changes in your life, it will deliver. The only way this stone doesn't work is if our mind is preoccupied with the worries of the world. In that case, you will need to clear your mind through meditation, walk in nature or wearing powerful clearing stones like Malachite.

Charoite is a wonderful stone that helps clear passivity and helps us move forward in life. It is a good stone to be kept around or worn when working on towards one's life purpose. It also helps in doing life purpose readings for self or others. A good stone for healers and intuitive readers alike.
Charoite brings peace into the auric field by providing an energetic shelter from outside noise. It promotes peace and harmony within self, almost solidifying it as part of the auric field. It helps clear negative energy from the magnetic field.
Charoite pulls our attention towards our Divine path and opens up pathways for its manifestation. A stone of clear intuitive perception, Charoite can help manifest true desires as long as they are focused on the highest good of all. A stone of purity, it helps purify the thoughts and brings one into an action mode. It also helps release tendencies towards procrastination.

Chrysanthemum Stone is a beautiful stone inside out. The flower-like patterns emerge out of this stone symbolizing how this stone helps us see the beauty in ourselves. This stone brings our attention to what is good and what is already working. It grounds us, bringing us close to our truth.
Chrysanthemum Stone heals past wounds, clears the heart of all debris from the past, promoting healing of the physical heart. It is a really good stone for letting go of the past and all negative self-images we carry around from our past.
Chrysanthemum Stone breathes liveliness into us and gifts us with clear perception of past life events. It helps forgive and release the past.

A great stone to wear after any heartbreaks or during times of stress.

Chrysocolla is a stone of growth, positive attitude towards one's path. It is a stone of subtle yet very clear changes. It helps promote continuous flow of energy to whatever task we are working on accomplishing. It clears and energizes the auric field with very powerful and loving vibrations.
Chrysocolla pulls in the Divine consciousness towards us and helps us release deep resentments and attachments to past hurts and wounds. It helps us forgive and release those old bonds. Holding it for ten minutes in the morning and setting clear intentions for the day can bring about great changes in life in a matter of few months. The key is either knowing what we want or trusting the Divine will to work wonders in our life.
Chrysocolla helps us communicate clearly, and instills us with Divine confidence in what we are working on accomplishing.
Chrysocolla is a really good stone to keep the energy clear of others energy. It also is a stone of seeing the truth and speaking the truth with love for ourselves and others.
In short, Chrysocolla helps us communicate with the Divine and others clearly, keeps us clear of others energy, and helps us move towards our path with confidence.

Citrine brings our attention to the bright side of life. It clears old blockages from the past, especially the ones that emerged out of negative self-perception. It helps connect with the positive aspect of ourselves and everything else around us.

When we are gloomy, feeling depressed or moody, wearing Citrine can slowly help clear the gloominess around us. It clears the energetic cloud, so that the brilliant rays of the sun, i.e. positive energy, can reach you.
Citrine was traditionally used for clearing aura of negative outlook towards life.

If you have someone in your life that brings you down, wearing Citrine can help create a bright auric layer around you so that not only can you maintain a positive outlook but also your influence can lift the other person up.

Clear Quartz is a stone of clear communication with heaven and earth. Its a stone that helps see through life's conditions, giving a clear vision of what needs to be let go of, fixed or given priority. Clear Quartz is a stone of Divine purification. It brings about self-change through imparting self-knowledge by enhancing our intuitive abilities. Working with the stone can help reach clear picture of one's life and habits that need to be changed in general. It a stone of Divine knowledge and deep connection to the divinity within the self. This crystal is also a great amplifier of qualities of other stones. When worn in combination of any stone that brings about peace, love and harmony, it will amplify those qualities. It should be used carefully with the stones that absorb negativity.
In short, clear quartz brings clear guidance, enhances intuition and helps bring about change. It also is an amplifier of energy.

Coral is a stone of deep self-reliance and acceptance. It negates self-judgment as false and brings to light all the goodness we possess. Coral can help ease joint pains and promote bone density, especially in women.
Coral enhances connection to one's feeling and emotions. It helps bring deep clarity and gain perspective in relation to one's emotions.
Coral helps movement of the body, mind and soul. It creates harmony between all three, helping the flow of life to become easier.
Coral is a wonderful stone for women as it fosters reproductive health. Also a great stone to wear during pregnancy, child birth, PMS and to help release the symptoms of menopause.
It helps women connect to the innate wisdom in their bodies, bringing harmony within self.

Cream Quartz emanates subtle vibrations for connection with the spiritual realm. It introduces one to the spiritual realms in a soft and gentle way. It provides a little bit of grounding quality while connecting with Spirit.
Cream quartz clears confusion of the heart chakra and helps us settle deep within the psyche and the body, helping receive clear intuitive guidance.
Cream Quartz helps with moving forward on the life path. If struggling with clear direction on what steps to take, wearing or meditating with Cream Quartz can open psychic pathways to inner enlightenment.
In short, Cream Quartz opens the door to spiritual perception.

Garnet clears the aura of negative debris accumulated over the past years. It clings to the energy field like a purifier and helps dissolve old negative self-defeating patterns. Garnet, when used in combination with stones that bring about change and connect with the vibration of love, can really help shape the person's day to day attitude thus helping create a better future.
Garnet can be used as a stone of developing clear conscience. It is said to clear one's past life karma by bringing about change in one's mentality towards what has gone by. It helps us stand in our truth, staying calm and connected to the earth.
Garnet is a root chakra stone. It helps us fee secure and safe in the body, releasing fears about getting hurt in anyway. Garnet brings a clear connection to the real self, clearing debris of other people's energetic expectations attached to us. It is a really good stone for clearing old hurts and wounds related to family. Good stone to wear when we feel scattered and need to be grounded, be present in the moment and more connected to oneself.
In short, Garnet helps release the past, connects to the vibration of peace within and helps us be more present.

Golden Quartzite clears negative blockages around us. The stone helps lay down a clear path towards Divine manifestation, when used with deep inner desire and clear intention for doing so. Golden Quartzite is said to be a very powerful healer. It clears what blocks us, bringing us in touch with our own Divine powers and the powerful cleansing energy in the spiritual realms.
The effect of Golden Quartzite is almost like being able to breathe and see clearly after being stuck in a foggy situation for long.

Green Aventurine is a stone for increased trust in the Divine prosperity. It helps us see how the abundance that we seek exists everywhere in nature already.
It is a stone for increasing awareness and trust in our intuition. It reminds to us to be connected to that part of ourselves that knows the secrets of manifesting our inner desires in the outer world. It helps connects us to the earth and brings out the earthly qualities in us.
In short, Green Aventurine is a stone of increased prosperity and abundance. It helps us connect to our inner wisdom and make practical decisions. It heals a troubled heart and in general is used to physical healing. This stone absorbs the energy from your pain and ailments. Make sure to cleanse it after a day of wearing.

Green Serpentine is a stone that helps your bring your heart's desire to the forefront. It clarifies confusion of the mind, clears other people's energy from ours and helps us tap into the healing energy of our own heart. It expands heart consciousness and pulls the energy from the lower chakras towards itself, helping attain Divine alignment of the chakras. It helps release lower, base chakra tendencies and brings focus on the heart qualities of compassion and universal love.
Green Serpentine brings forth healing for a troubled heart, especially concerning the pain and suffering of others.
Green Serpentine also brings forth the courage of the heart, helps dissolve fears, and connect with the Higher Self that is always in alignment with the universal storage house of love for self.

Hematite has been used for centuries for the purpose of finding treasures buried in the earth. It has a very special resonance field that helps detect heavy metals. It can be used for gain a clear vision of the problems one is facing. Helps clear old debt from the mind, helping to resolve one's financial habits and situations. Hematite is stone of complete resolution with the self. It brings clarity to the mind, helps improve digestive ability of stomach and helps rid of allergic conditions from within.
When used with tigers eye or pyrite, it fully grounds us in our true reality and also elevates us to a higher vibration.

Howlite is a stone that guards against bad dreams, negative energy and negative projection of others. A good stone for children to wear as it helps them stay clear of others projections onto them.
Howlite has been traditionally used as a sleep aid for babies and children.
Howlite clears the aura of others energy, helps us stay fully in our bodies and solidify our own beliefs, our own authentic self, in our auric field.
Howlite is a stone of clear material perception. It helps us identify good from bad, from within ourselves and especially others.
Howlite is also a good grounding stone.

Jade is a gentle stone that connects to the universal vibration of healing. Jade brings about insights into the reason for sickness and discomfort, and gently helps release it.
It helps heal the heart, and clear debris from the etheric body helping in healing and strengthening the body's immune response.
Jade has been traditionally used for healing the physical body and is also considered a stone that brings good fortune your way.

Labradorite is a multi-dimensional stone that opens us to understanding different aspects of a situation. When dealing with difficult people, this stone can bring clarity to our mind and helps us rise above it all. Wearing Labradorite continuously for a few days or weeks can also show us why we have attracted those difficult people in our lives in the first place and helps us resolve those aspects of ourselves so that we can invite better energies in future.

Labradorite is a stone that brings about change by showing us all aspects of a situation and the aspects of ourselves that need to be let go off, or understood.

Labradorite is a stone of Divine clarity, showing us a mirror when we are stuck in being hurt by others. It heals our egoic mind and helps us recuperate and connect to our Divine mind.

The message of this stone is to 'Love thyself', lighten up and be silly. Be childlike, moving through life with ease, not being attached to others' bad moods and words. Connect with your inner rhythm and have fun in life.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of deep perceptual and spiritual clarity. Lapis Lazuli, when kept near for seven days, can bring about a change in the personality of those who have a hard time connecting with Spirit. While connecting with higher dimensions, this stone can really help the discontent souls who seem to have forgotten their origin.
The struggle, the feeling of being stuck, can be healed by wearing and meditating with the stone. Lapis Lazuli opens up the Third Eye and helps us see beyond the human reality. Worn at throat chakra, it can help remove past blockages about speaking one's truth and standing up to one's beliefs. Lapis Lazuli moves us beyond this human life and can help us, if wished, travel to our past lives or bring visions about our future. A wonderful stone for those who live by guidance and helps find them a clear intuitive voice.

Lapis Lazuli opens up the energy flow in our spine. Helps us feel at ease with our authentic selves.

In short, Lapis Lazuli brings clarity to our spiritual vision, helping us see the bigger picture. It heals throat chakra issues and helps us be more confident and truthful in our interactions with others.

Magnesite is a stone that aligns us with our life purpose. It brings about deep inner security and helps us see ourselves as a sanctuary of peace. It deviates our attention from the chaos, what's wrong to what is in order and right. Magnesite can be used in combination with various stones as its vibrational frequency is gentle and adds a soothing energy to other stones.
Magnesite is a healer of all sorts. It heals eyes, throat, problems with the intestines, bringing in an energy of acceptance and peace within our body. Mentally also, Magnesite has a very calming and soothing effect. It calms the nervous system and clear blockages in the physical throat by aligning the throat chakra energy with the universal energy of calmness and assurity.
Magnesite also helps in absorption of calcium and magnesium. Its a good stone for keeping the bones healthy.
Wearing Magnesite close to the throat can have a beneficial affect in keeping it healthy. It also helps in speaking the truth with calmness and assertiveness.
In short, Magnesite is a good companion to have in our day to day lives and especially in times of stress.

Malachite is a great stone for clearing mental fog, and clearing congestion in the head and symptoms of cold.
Malachite stimulates the heart chakra energy, clearing it of debris of other people's energy.
Malachite is a stone for protecting ourselves from others negativity. It brings in the feeling of safety and though it works very fast in clearing the negativity from around us, it is actually a stone that can continue to keep us clear from others malicious intent.
In short, it clears our energy, keeps us protected and helps us feel more of ourselves, rather than being buried under other people's anger or heavy emotions.

Moonstone is a stone of clearing and lifting of bad moods resulting from the planetary alignment, lunar influence and the womanly monthly cycles.
Moonstone is a reminder of our own gentleness, purity and solidity. It connects us with our intuitive side while keeping our attention on the physical body. Its a great balancing stone between the physical and the non-physical aspects of us.
Moonstone helps the energy flow easily throughout the day by removing the attachment to our reactions to others energies around us.
In short, Moonstone is an antidote to our moods. It balances our energy by keeping us connected to the intuition and our physical self as the same time.

Obsidian is a truth telling stone when it comes to releasing negativity and blame. It helps reconnect with our inner wisdom, bringing to light all that needs to be shed before we can create a higher life for ourselves. When worn in the times of stress or when desiring change, Obsidian can act as a guide by bringing attention to releasing and helping release all that is negative and not working in our lives.
Obsidian has been traditionally used for removing negative energy from around people and spaces. A really good stone to use when around negative people as it helps release any absorbed negativity from the energetic field.
Make sure to cleanse and recharge this stone regularly, sometimes as often as once a day, if needed. It absorbs the negative energy from your auric field, so needs to be cleansed regularly.

Pearl is sweet-natured precious/semi-precious stone that bring in the energy of Divine flow in our lives. Its contribution to humanity has been magnificent as it has been widely used.
Pearl helps us connect with the sweetness and preciousness of life. Its aura is that of peace and it helps us release resistance to the natural flow of life and events in our life. Its a wonderful stone for women to wear as helps bring acceptance to all stages of life. It is especially helpful in helping women connect and flow easily during time of hormonal changes like PMS, pregnancy and menopause. It is also helpful to wear pearls after childbirth and a good wear for nursing too.
Pearl helps protect against bad vibes and connects one to the peaceful side of life.
Pearl also connects us to our intuitive, perceptive, self. It helps us find peace within our bodies, clears mental fog and connects us to our soul.

Peridot it sweet stone of success and abundance. It helps connect with the abundant side helping us accept the possibility of abundance in our lives. It also brings to light the variety in nature, helping us accept various sides of our own personality and the differences in others.
Peridot shows us that in order to be happy, we don't need to change others. It is a stone of heart expansion and, when worked with intention, can help us clear limiting beliefs about our likes and dislikes. It promotes acceptance of self and all others, in their own individuality.
In short, Peridot brings love, peace, harmony and compassion to the forefront.

Pyrite is a happy stone. It brings good luck, love and prosperity. Pyrite is a stone that clears negative perception about the self. It relates and reminds one of the hidden treasure of positive thoughts and inner accomplishments. It helps release self-blame, inner anguish and in general the habit of dwelling in all that's wrong with us.
Pyrite also bring clarity and abundant thoughts at the forefront of one's mind. It helps us dig in to our inner treasures and clears all self-negation. It helps us stand in our truth and accept ourselves as whole beings.
It releases fragmented thoughts and brings solidity to our self-image.
In short, Pyrite helps us come into our own.

Quartzite is a stone of wish-fulfillment. Its clear, positive energy radiates warmth and love and brings it towards the self. It clears the auric field, creates space in it for filling it up with the desired positive energy.
Working with Quartzite one has to know that it works like a genie and helps you bring in whatever you desire. Being clear in intention can bring great results when using this stone for manifestation. When you have clear intention, your aura is clear and vice-a-versa.

Red Agate clears the fears from the sacral chakra, helping release and dissolve deep, heavy emotions that are held by the physical body around the abdominal area. It helps release childhood wounds, especially related to family. It can help clear our old baggage and free us, if we are ready to let go of it.

Wearing Red Agate especially in times of emotional trigger, stressful situations can also help one release attachment to our old hurts. Intention plays a big role in freeing oneself of the anger, resentment and judgement towards the self and others. Red Agate can be a very powerful companion in clearing the past wounds and moving forward.

It stimulates the creative power within us and helps us bring to focus our long forgotten creative talents and desires. Along with that, it also supplies the energy of passion to start our creative endeavors. Red Agate is good stone for creative and artistic people.

It helps with clearing womanly issues, PMS and provides healing support to female reproductive organs. It also is a good companion for pregnant and birthing women.

Red Aventurine clears the sacral (second) chakra and the energetic field around it. It clears heaviness around the abdominal area and helps clear the internal organs of negative heavy emotionally charged energy.
By clearing the old energy from the sacral area, Red Aventurine indirectly opens pathways for birthing a new life. It clears the field for accepting one's own abilities to manifest one's desires out into the world.
On a subtle level, Red Aventurine aligns the three lower chakras and helps bring peace about one's current situation while surely opening up pathways for manifestation of our desires.
In short, the path for any deep buried desire can open up when this stone is given the full support through trust and intention.

Red Jasper helps one get rid of the deep attachment to the drama of life. It brings perspective into day to day events, helping one rise above the petty emotions and see one's life and roles from a higher perspective.
Red Jasper can be used to heal the physical body, particularly issues to do with nervous and immune system. A good stone to carry around in the pocket for help with physical insecurity and fear of heights.
Red Jasper helps with the circulation of blood, and reduces the absorption of toxicity in the body. A good stone to wear if you need inspiration to detox or are planning to go on a detox or cleansing program. It can help clear the kidneys of extra fluid, liver of dysfunctions and helps release the energy that creates joint aches.
Red Jasper is also good for releasing toxic relationships, and helps make the transition easier towards creating a more desired life.


Rose Quartz comes from the Quartz family of stones. Rose Quartz brings a vibration of general well-being and is deeply connected to the vibration of the heart chakra. The subtle, pink light vibration that emanates, reaches beyond the magnetic sphere of the wearer.

Rose Quartz is a stone that brings us closer to ourselves and move us beyond the limited outlook of me and mine. It stirs a deep memory of inseparability from all other beings.
Rose Quartz is a stone of connecting with the Divine Mother aspect of nature and Spirit. Put or worn near the heart, Rose Quartz brings deep peace and helps us stay out of our egoic mind perception of life and others.
Rose Quartz is a stone of love as it helps us focus on the well of love that is ever present in our hearts.

A stone of wellness, Rose Quartz helps heal heartaches, the physical heart, the past wounds of betrayal.
Since this stones connects us to the Highest Vibration in the universe, that of love, the possibilities of healing ourselves with the help of this stone are endless.

In short, Rose Quartz helps us find love within ourselves and helps attract love into our life. Love, in all its forms. A really good energetic companion for all. Animals, especially dogs, resonate deeply with Rose Quartz's vibration.

These beads are actually seeds of a kind of tree that grows in the Himalayas, in India and Nepal. They have been used for centuries by Yogis in India and symbolize one's purity of intent on the spiritual path. They also have a high vibration and are primarily used for prayer, meditation and mantra reciting/meditation.

Selenite is a very high vibration stone that needs no cleansing. It is a very popular stone among energy healers as it emanates a very soothing, healing vibration. A good stone for healing the aches and pains of the body, Selenite also provides deep emotional healing. It absorbs the energy but transmutes it to the vibration of love, hence needing no cleansing afterwards.
Selenite is a good stone for keeping at the office desk for keeping other people's negative energy away. It is also a good stone in general for keeping around the house as it cleanses spaces really well.

Seraphenite is a beautiful deep green stone with white wing like patterns on them. It evolution it dated back to the land of Atlantis, where it was highly used for keeping the communication channels open with the Angels. Seraphenite has the vibrational ability of keeping us constantly in touch with the Angels and helping receive guidance from them as we move throughout the day. It is a great heart healer and protector.
In short, Seraphenite heals the heart, protects and shields the aura and aids in perception of the Divine.
Special note: A great stone for experimentation for those who wish to know the validity of connection to the Angelic realm. Washing the stone first and sitting down in nature and meditating on the Angels can clear blockages from the auric field and open the doors to the Angelic realm. The key to connection and receiving the stone's help is faith and persistence.

Sodalite is a stone of clear communication with the self and others. It instills confidence in our day to day endeavor. It cleanses the throat chakra, helps with allergies, releases the tightness within the body. It rejuvenates the immune system and brings calmness to the body and mind. Sodalite can be called a stone of peace. It awakens the desire to be in tune with the inner complexities of the self and thus understands them.
A great stone to wear when dealing with difficulties in life. It keeps the mind calm, the inner realm active and helps us feel at peace with ourselves and our surroundings.

Snow Quartz is a sweet, gentle stone that opens us up to higher vibrations in the universe. Whatever it is that we need to work upon will show up when working with this stone. Snow Quartz works gently but very precisely. One should not wear this stone unless ready to make necessary life changes.
Snow Quartz takes care of the minute details of life as its energy penetrates into the thinnest layers of the aura and brings into attention all the minor habits of thinking and behavior that need to be changed in order to have a fulfilling life.
Snow Quartz can be used for handling details of a project and is a great stone for someone who sees the bigger picture but struggles with the details.

Sunstone brings in the energy of clear perception and removes self-doubts. It enhances interaction with people with bright energy and countenance. A great stone to change our social life and bring in people that match or are higher in vibration than us.
Sunstone is a good aid in meditation and brings in clear visions at night, when asked for help in this area. This stones energy is clear and penetrates all layers of the auric field equally. It helps remove hidden fears from the self and brings in a higher perception of the inner life. Sunstone clears deep buried emotional debris from the body and helps see one's reality. Its a good stone to shed light on what needs to be improved in one's life.
Working with Sunstone can bring amazing clarity and opportunities for self-growth. Wear around the neck or as a ring for at least ten days for results to start showing up.

Tigers Eye is a wonderful grounding stone. It clears the aura by absorbing negativity and releasing it into the earth for transmutation. A very good protector against lower vibrations of others and lower vibrations in general.
Tigers Eye can be used for clearing old energy of negative psychic attacks from loved ones and strangers alike. It clears old fears of being attacked or hurt. Tigers Eye helps clear the lower chakras and helps us feel more clear, present, grounded and protected in our physical reality.
A good stone for bringing about changes in material reality including finance and health.
In short, It grounds, clears negativity and protects.

Turquoise brings the energy of deep inner security. It grounds us in the physical reality, helping us feel secure. Turquoise releases fears from our heart, blocked energy from solar plexus and clears the deep rooted (sometimes past lives) fears of being physically or energetically hurt or emotionally betrayed. Traditionally, this stone was used to create a protective shield around pregnant women and people who were in a vulnerable state.
Turquoise brings in the spiritual awareness about the temporary existence of human body on the earth plane. It helps one see behind the veil of illusions and live life knowing that we are spirit in a human body.
It enhances the understanding of molecular connectedness and shared space on the planet. A great stone to be worn if you wish to feel connected to the spirit and also want to feel secure in the human body. A good stone for animals to wear. Should not be kept close to their beds as it can cause a restless sleep in animals.
This stone fades in sunlight and ideally should be cleansed by using sage, burying in earth (3-4 hrs) or kept next to the roots of the house plants.

Unakite is a stone of clearing fog like energy. It also is a good stone for clearing negative self-image. It brings clarity to our own eyes and even helps heal the physical eyes.
Unakite helps removes blockages at a root level. It clears the energy of what stands in our way and helps us feel more connected to our true selves. In a similar way, it also helps us connect to all the elements of the earth. It balances our vision about life and ourselves in general. Unakite makes us appreciate the balance that exists in nature. It helps us hear the song of the birds and flowing water.
In short, Unakite cleanses, balances and opens us up to connection with nature and our authentic self.
Can be kept at bedside for clear visions at night.


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