Arjuna Card Game

Conquering the Battle of Everyday Stress - For most ages, 1 to 6 players

~ Build a mandala while you play
~ Stimulate creative problem-solving
~ Enjoy movement and visualization
~ Connect to inner joy and relaxation
~ Portable and non-electronic

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Arjuna Card Game - Conquering the battle of Everyday StressFor Most Ages, 1 to 6 players

Price: $13.29

In today's busy, digitized world, Arjuna offers a portable, non-electronic way to conquer the battle of everyday stress and become the victor of your own inner journey!

The Arjuna Card Game is a poker-sized 56-card deck inspired by Arjuna, the archer-hero of the epic Bhagavad Gita. Each card offers an activity that strengthens mind, body or soul. Activities are designed for individual or group play. The backs of each card are puzzle pieces for building a beautiful mandala while you play. These high-quality cards were designed by a college health and wellness professor and a meditation teacher. They are made in the USA.

Actively building resiliency to the dangerous effects of stress is one of the healthiest investments we can make to increase longevity and happiness. Practicing stress management techniques fortifies us by boosting immune systems and expanding our sense of well-being. Arjuna reminds us that happiness begins within.




“I love the Arjuna Card Game for stress relief. Each card is a wonderful daily reminder to let go of stress. I only wish I had thought up this idea myself… I recommend this deck of cards to EVERYONE!”

— Brian Luke Seaward, PhD, Author of Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like water and the Doors of Perception Wisdom Deck.


"I wanted to let you know that I've played the game with my grandchildren ages 8, 10, and 12, and we had a great time playing and doing all the suggestions during the game. I was amazed at how calm and focused they were doing the visualizations and breathing techniques.
It also made opportunities for teaching deeper truths. We also enjoyed building the mandalas. Thank you for creating the game."
- Carol B.

"I like it. Arjuna is great. I like reading each card, thinking, imagining, dreaming. Arjuna is fun."
-Frank F.

"The cards are beautiful! I'm keeping one deck for myself and gifting one to my therapist and the other to my son
who is a clinical psych grad student."

-Abby E.


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