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Green Chakra Shop is a collaboration between Indu and Teri. It was born out of our love for expanding human consciousness through our every day thoughts and actions. Our jewelry is symbolic of it. We use natural mineral stones also known as crystals to design all our pieces. Every single piece of jewelry, as well as body oils, facial masks and other products have emerged out of our intuitive awareness as well as knowledge about the supporting properties of the stones, flowers, oils, clays, and herbs used. Through this work, we open our hearts, express our creativity and invite others to open their hearts and express their creativity, their truth.

Indu's life passion has been to help humanity rise up to a higher level of awareness. Through a deep and experiential study of spirituality, meditation practice, learning and teaching energy healing, conducting workshops for self-growth and increasing intuitive perception, Indu has fine-tuned her abilities to contact the Higher realms to access information about herself and all others she is guided to help through her work. She has a Bachelors in History and has worked as an intuitive guidance coach, energy and crystal healer, web designer and teen counselor.

Teri has a Master's degree in Human Development and a Bachelor's in Psychology. She is co-author of the book, Nuggets for Change and the creator of Arjuna Card Game, a stress reduction card game for all ages ( Teri has a life-long passion for spiritual growth and helping people connect to the magnificent power of their own souls, as well as the healing vibrations of communal energy. She has spent many years as a workforce development trainer, dance-fitness facilitator and journalist and currently teaches three-credit stress management courses at a community college.
Teri is the director of StressFit, a stress-management movement program (


Green Chakra refers to one of the seven energy vortices that exist in our Spiritual Spine, the Heart Chakra (Anahata in Sanskrit). When seen through the spiritual eye, this vortex of light seems to be green in color. According to the Patanjali, the great Indian philosopher and sage, the Heart Chakra resides very close to our physical heart and is associated with the energy of compassion, love, generosity, passion and the feeling of oneness with all of creation.


The Heart Chakra is symbolized by a circular flower with twelve green petals, just like you see it in our logo. Within it are two intersecting triangles, forming a hexagram, symbolizing a union of the male and female. We have also used a peacock feather as it has been traditionally associated with Krishna consciousness in India. For us it is a symbol of Higher consciousness. When added to heart chakra energy, it brings forth a deeper awareness to our thoughts, words and actions, thus opening us all to the Higher consciousness. The symbolism in this chakra is a call for humanity to connect and honor our masculine and feminine sides equally, helping bring the planet into balance.

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